Packaging and invention 

I invented and branded a product called GLOW. GLOW is a hub for rechargeable glow sticks that can be color customize-able through your phone. Take this camping with you and watch your kids play from a distance, knowing they're safe and sound.

The cover, while on top of the base, serves as a night light- illuminating a calming display of hues emitted by the sticks, through translucent side panels.

Cinema 4d renders


Vector illustrations for the product help guide you through the functions and set up of the product. I designed a manual with clean and galactic style.

App Controls

The app is the control center for the product. 

Spread one

Spread two

Use your thumb to control the color in a playful and experimental way. This engages kids and adds to the excitement when they get to pick their own color.


Set the brightness of each stick. This  especially comes in handy when the GLOW hub becomes a night light.

Easily scroll through multiple lumen levels.

PROXIMITY settings

Seen on the app, you can set the proximity of the glow sticks, and when your child surpasses that distance, you get a notification and their stick starts blinking. 

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