It all starts in the shop 


SHelf and table

I like to create furniture from things people would throw out.


In this case, I had two old guitar cases I wasn't using and couldn't sell. Please contact me if you want to sell your old cases!

Tables- $100 (custom colored embroidered inside/ divided sections, can add chalkboard table top)

Shelf- $60 (custom spacing and colored embroidering available)

I used an old guitar neck for the front leg. This was a neck from my first electric guitar. 

Drum Table

From my old bass drum. 

Reversible table top with chalkboard paint for spontaneous games or crude drawings.

Smart mirror frame 

My programming friend asked me to build a housing frame for his smart mirror. This houses a screen and hides all the components to make the mirror function while remaining sleek and modern.



Guitar Remodel 

A project that was harder than it looks. I completely stripped the outer varnish, then finished the inside wood. I left it raw, not only to look more natural, but to influence the sound the guitar produced.  

HArry Potter Wands

and stands

What started as a Christmas present for my nerdy girlfriend became a best seller of mine.


I ask you a multitude of questions regarding your Hogwarts house, patronus, favorite character, etc. Then I make you a very custom-to-you wand!

$50 including custom wood burned stand.

Custom mirror 

A client wanted a a frame for her mirror, and wanted a modern tropical feel. What does that mean? 

< This. 

Made from poplar and pine, stained to look more expensive. You don't need to spend a lot to make something look more pricey than it is!

Wooden Journals

Wooden and leather bound journals! Featuring a wooden turned button and string wrap around for extra security of your current Hot or Not listings.


30-60 pages, custom size.

One of my best sellers. $40 

Wooden carved spoons

Cherry wood flame finished, coated in mineral oil. Food safe and cute as HECK. Leather strap included for hanging, and I can add a custom wood burned design on the back,

get them while they're hot...  $30 

skateboard Fun

For those of you who are Circus grads... this is what I did with my Turn Tables project. 

If I fall off my skateboard, it doesn't cause me nearly as much pain as this assignment did. 

I made a skateboard hanger to go by my door for quick access to major shreds, brah.

Just in case you didn't know, skateboard goes there!!

thanks for comin'

and stay tuned for more!

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