motion commercial/ branding & packaging 

Loke is a skate app for locating and sharing skate spots with the vastly different community. I created an extension to the app experience by putting together a monthly subscription box. Design in the skate community is vast, so I took advantage of that and designed my own brands for the box. 


Subscription box

Subscription box content examples

I created my own brands for this project. There is no exact "skate" culture design- it's an accumulation of every personality that calls this hobby their own. 

Sidzy board stickers

This sticker brand is influenced by the grungier type of skater.

Turtle snail skate socks

Throwing it back to where it all began, this design has a 70's feel with a touch of modern typography. 

milk man skate wax

I thought "what would the 50's bring to a skate wax brand?" and then this happened. 

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