Tenor magazine


Tenor is a magazine meant for those with a wide world view. 

This monthly publication focuses on hot topics in the world around you. Each department is a panel from 5 subcultures; Generational, Scientific, Religious/non, Political, and Cult or Esoteric Groups. 

Within the pages, you get a really well rounded view on these topics from every group. Your perspective gets sharpened, and you'll find yourself saying "Hm..." on every page. 

I focused on collage-like design to execute this project. I felt like deep layered content required layered collage technique. 


The Letter from the editor.

Table of contents

Department spread

Department spread


esoteric affiliates department (feature story spreads)

The Esoteric Affiliates department focuses on cults and their mindset on things. This months issue was the "Heavens Gate" cult, an organization that believes a comet will arrive and bring us to salvation... but you should google them to get the real good stuff.


Who's Gen feature story cover

Below is a person torn between hundred of opinions on how they should live their life based on generational strife.  

Other than the pink stripe over my eyes, this picture was not edited. I experimented with the panoramic camera on my iphone and got wacky results.

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